Rising Stars offers PE lessons and sports coaching to cover your PPA time. We have our own detailed lesson plans with a termly overview of the sports you would require us to teach. All of our plans are based on National Curriculum requirements.

With specialist coaches in all areas of sport, our primary focus is to offer the best possible service to cater for your schools individuals needs.

We also offer upskilling sessions, experience days, SDS, reward days, breakfast clubs, lunch clubs and after school clubs. These can be sports specific or a combination of any of the many sports we can offer:

  • Traditional Sports – Football, Basketball, Netball, Hockey, Tennis, Cricket, Tag Rugby, Athletics
  • Dodgeball, Table Tennis, Fencing, Lacrosse, Ultimate Frisbee, Flag Football, Speed Stacking
  • Gymnastics, Trampolining, Dance
  • Inflatable Fun

We take pride in our coaches becoming an important part of your school team, building excellent relationships with both staff and children alike.

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Client Testimonials

Mrs Sue Dury, Headteacher, Ickleford Primary School, Hertfordshire

I have had the privilege of working with Rising Stars since becoming head teacher at Ickleford Primary School in 2011. They give an excellent service to our school providing all our children with high quality PE provision. The staff are very professional and excellently qualified. They are well liked by all the children and teachers alike. Despite numerous offers from other providers I would always choose Rising Stars.

Edy O’Connor, Headteacher, Swinford Primary School, Leicestershire

Our Rising Stars sports coach is a vital member of our team and a great role model for all of our children. He clearly knows and cares about all of our children. His enthusiasm is infectious and the children really look forward to their lessons. Our coach uses his considerable expertise and humour to bring out the very best in every individual child in a wide range of sports. As a result, we have seen a massive improvement in pupil skills, fitness levels, participation rates and attitudes in PE lessons and after school clubs. Rising Stars are a very professional organisation. They deliver exactly what they promise and we highly recommend them.

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